Going Deeper Into The Meme

One of the tech employees who rides a company bus from San Francisco to Silicon Valley engaged me in a dialogue about the flood of tech money into San Francisco real estate. He’s a reasonable guy and I tried to answer in kind. More conversation needed!

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Passing On The Meme

Passing on the meme is an easy act, so easy most of us don’t pause to check if it’s true. Although I fancy myself too experienced as a journalist to fall into that trap, I did earlier this week. What it revealed about me isn’t all that flattering, but it is a call to operate differently on the web.

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#OCCUPY OAKLAND — A Night of Mayhem And Social Media

Last night’s bloody Occupy Oakland demonstration proved to me the vital importance of Twitter in bearing witness in real time, a time when the conventional media often turns off the camera, looks away or refuses to report.

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