A World on Fire


  • Finishing School Book Will Be Available January 10
    Why don't we finish the projects we love? What internal and external obstacles rise up to prevent us from fulfilling our dreams? In the book I wrote with Cary Tennis, which will be published by Penguin/Tarcher in January 2017, we offer a new way of looking at creative blocks and a tested and tried way of finishing your work
  • “Creation is not a moment of inspiration . . .”
    Kevin Ashton's book on innovation and creativity "How To Fly A Horse" addresses similar themes and ideas to those Cary Tennis and I do in our work on completing your creative projects in "Finishing School: That Happy Ending To The Writing Project You Just Can't Seem To Get Done."
  • Finishing School Book Goes Out For Sale!
    Finishing School: The Happy Ending To That Writing Project You Just Can't Seem To Get Done, went out to publishers for sale today. My writing partner Cary Tennis, who came up with the idea for the school, is very pleased, and so am I! His simple and easily reproducible gets results and we hope to spread it a big audience.
  • More Booms In A Railroad Boomtown: The Fastest Growing Hamlet In New Mexico
    Union Pacific's new train yard in Santa Teresa, New Mexico is 11.5 miles long and a mile wide. But with the deal announced in Beijing today, it might not be big enough.
  • President Annouces NIH Campaign To Fight The Crippling Epidemic of Affluenza
    As more and more Americans come down with the Affluenza virus, President Obama takes decisive action approving a bold, new research initiative at the National Institutes of Health. A satirical news story.