Finishing School Book Will Be Available January 10



Why don’t we finish the projects we love? This is the topic of the book I wrote with Cary Tennis that lays out a practical and simple solution to gaining control of your time, and finishing your work.

We found that the major obstacles to finishing are the Six Emotional Pitfalls, which we explore in the book: shame, fear, judgment, doubt, yearning and arrogance.  With chapters like I’m A Terrible Writer, I’ll Never Get Published, The Winchester Mystery Novel: Denying Mortality By Constantly Revising, I’ll Never Know Enough, and I Don’t Need Any Help, I’d Rather Fail In Secret we upend the punishing phrases that haunt writers who are having a difficult time completing their work.

All is not bleak, however.  The Finishing School method is a supportive system that cuts away these fears and bleak self-assessments.  By doing the method, every week the writer finishes something and gradually, inevitably, gets it done!

We are so pleased that the book was bought by Penguin/Tarcher, a publishing house with a strong tradition of creating books about creativity and writing. January 10, with their help, we will share this with the world.