Wedding With A Twist – – well, with several

The wedding has an atmosphere of a carnival.  There was the sword swallower/knife throwing act.

Molotov, the sword swallower
He downs a 10-inch blade

And then anotherPart of his patter was to declare to the crowd, “I’m not a masochist!”

The woman standing behind me yelled out, “He sure is. I used to date him. I should know.”

And there was the human-powered Ferris wheel for two.  Find someone of roughly equal weight.  Both start pedaling and the Ferris wheel spins you both around.

But the hands down favorite was the Boiler Bar. The only drink offered there was a boilermaker. The beer was IPA right from the tap, but the bourbon was specially prepared.  The bartender took cheap bourbon and inserted a Jacobs Ladder that carried 15000 volts of electricity.

“This separates the hydrogen from the oxygen molecules and aerates the whiskey,” the man in the bowler hat said.  “It can make terrible whiskey taste like single barrel bourbon.”  I agreed.