Setting Up for Bliss!

The Friday before the wedding, about forty people showed up to help get the party space ready.  I pitched in too.  We raised a colorful tent that was about twenty feet in diameter, a project that took about twenty-five helpers and a lot of head scratching to tie all the pieces together just right.  We set up a few other structures too, and some tables and chairs.  As I walked back to The Barn, a separate crew had arrived and opened up a portable stage.

The portable stage, big as a box car.

The next morning when I got up around dawn, the field was ready for the guests. Friday afternoon, we had  pushed the Vardo out of the parking lot and down the rocky pathway toward the bay.  That was easy.  The tough part was pushing it  onto the high ground, which was about at about our shoulder level.  Halfway down the path we found dip in the earth rutted with tire tracks.  Four people at the back and four more at the front bar thrust the Vardo up the incline and pulled it to the side of the wedding tent.