“Not My Boy” On NPR

Rodney Peete and I wrote “Not My Boy” to explain the dad’s role in helping treat an autistic child. The book starts with Rodney in a profound state of denial about his son R.J.’s condition and, by the end, you see a man who is greatly transformed, even humbled, by trying to provide what his son needs. The problems with R.J. challenge everything about Rodney: his pride, his image of his family’s future, his idea of fatherhood and nearly wreck his marriage. I am happy to have worked with such a strong dad who was willing to examine his part in all that happened and also do the hardest thing: change.

The book was featured April 13 on the NPR program “Talk To Me.” I’m attaching a link to that interview, which is a good summary of the book.


Not My Boy Cover